Recycling Tech Knowledge (RTK) is a Recycling Technology company located in San Diego, California with manufacturing facilities in China and service partners throughout the globe. Our goal is to serve the recycling industry by providing high quality and efficient recycling technologies and processes cost effectively. Though specialized primarily in electronics recycling, RTK is committed to all areas of recycling including cars, municipal solid waste, scrap metals, and plastics.

RTK has a team of dedicated engineers who are focused on environmental technologies. In 2004, the founder of RTK (Nader N. Nejad) received the first national contract from the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States. By 2008, over 100,000,000 pounds of scrap electronics was recycled based on his proposed methodologies and technologies. The evolution of these technologies resulted in creation and expansion of many of our current corporate affiliates throughout the world. Our machinery enable conversion of scrap material of any type to commodities (such as plastics, metals, and glass) that may be reused to produce various products.